Infinity Intellectuals Email Marketing Tips – A Guide to Small Business Owners or Budding Entrepreneurs

Email marketing is the best suited online marketing plan which will let you to communicate with your potential as well as loyal customers or clients directly. The purpose of email marketing is generating massive responses through direct email shots. Whether you launch a new product or service or if you want to invite your customers for an event or simply want to let the customers to know about the latest discounts on your services and products – email marketing is the best possible way of getting in touch with your customers. But, to reap out all the benefits of email marketing, you have to be pretty precise with your email marketing plans.

So here in this article Infinity Intellectuals will give you will some effective email marketing tips which will certainly help you to build robust email marketing plans. Have a glimpse on the following points:

  • First, Get Your Tools Ready – There are several tools present to assist you in effective email marketing. Different tools can be used for different purposes. For sending emails, there are plenty of free tools available in the internet. To check the effectiveness of your emails or to check the responses of your emails, you can use the email analyzer tool. Overall, using tools makes your job easy and organized.
  • Quality Content – Special attention over the email content should be given. The content should be enticing and interactive. Email marketing is done solely for marketing or promotional purposes, though you have to be meticulous enough to convey your messages. Innovative contents or interestingly formatted contents often clinch the desired outputs. HTML based interactive newsletter is always a plus. Avoid making your content lengthy otherwise no one would read the email from top to bottom.
  • Make Use of Auto Responder – Turn on your email auto responder and write a simple template. People always want to get some quick replies of their emails and auto responder can cover this aspect neatly.

Hiring Email Marketing Services

Small businesses do not like to invest much, especially for email marketing. There are some myths regarding email marketing. Some say that email marketing is a futile technique, whereas some stress on that point that sending emails is not quite a big deal. Email marketing will only fetch positive results if it has been done correctly. You have to follow the ethical process of email marketing and you must come up with excellent interactive newsletters. For achieving this level of excellence and to enjoy the benefits of email marketing, hiring a service provider can be fruitful.

Email marketing is not an occasional job, but a regular service that intends to keep in touch with the potential buyers or clients or customers. For online business PR or reputation building or for excellent online sales performances, email marketing is regarded as an unmatched service. As a startup business, you must focus on email marketing as it is one of the most cost-effective online marketing techniques that can bring initial business profitability for you. If you are hiring a service provider then make it certain that you are only hiring a legitimate service provider which commits for guaranteed results and does not endorse spamming.

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Infinity Intellectuals Motives

Infinity Intellectuals – Organization Performance Motives

1. Quick Turnaround and User Friendly

The firm is fast to get your counts, samples, costs and information pertaining to the list requirements at the same time user friendly. One can select their lists from varied criterion’s and they will deliver the same. They believe Fast is handy in this competitive market.

2. Affordable and Flexible

With an in-house data team and all orders managed under one roof the firm can get the clients any mailing lists at affordable prices. The firm does not have minimum orders and are flexible in pricing as they work with client’s budgets. This has won them more sales than the biggies in the market. One stop for all the mailing lists. Flexible does not come with cheap data as they do not compromise on the quality and service. The firm believes in repeat orders from clients which today contributes 45% of the monthly sales

3. Comprehensive

The firm’s dedicated sales team would assist the client with their mailing list requirements in the most comprehensive way. They will go in detail step by step in targeting the right audience for the marketing initiatives. Industry, Geography, Job titles these are words the team deals with day in day out to get the service/product marketed in niche of the segments

4. One Stop Solutions

The team offers clients end to end marketing solutions. From identifying, sourcing, sampling, verification, data execution, creative and campaign development, subject lines, campaign execution, DBMS (Database Management Service) etc Clients walk in and walk out with a big smile on their face and recommend the firm to others based on their experience. This is itself is half the battle won for the firm the rest is taken care by the clients word of mouth advertisement.

5. Integrity

All the lists are 100% verified to give you greater deliverability and increased ROI. The firm follows traditional business practices with modern touch. The firm sticks to their grass root upbringing where they value ethics, honesty and utmost respect to all their valued clients and their business with them.

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Infinity Intellectuals – Best email marketing software’s

Thinking of promoting your brand and to reach your customers with speed , the best way is to market your products through emails . whenever we plan to do email marketing, At the door somebody knocks , if we open the door , you will see question as your guests . how to do email marketing ? , how to get rid of spam ? .

Lets take care of these guests with introducing them to Email Marketing Software .

Here  are some best Email Marketing Software’s  :

constant contact

constant contact has inbuilt templates where you can choose according to your business , products and category of targets .they have got an option of blank template to customize using HTML and CSS.

It has got word press plugin and also facebook fan page app , Where FB fans can directly sing up to there emails from the page.

Without creation of new account you can change your from line on your existing account , by this you can get multiple people emails within your organization.

It has got an option to maintain email lists , where you can manage all your contact at one place , you can import contacts from outlook , gmail and excel.

very accurate reporting data , in the dash board you get an access to view bounce rate ,social shares ,click through rates  and complaints.

Pricing : constant contact has a monthly billing , $15/month 0-500 contacts.


Aweber has got around 150 customizable templates , these templates are tested in all email service providers like gmail ,yahoo , hotmail and more. Emails templates can be personalized with the information of you clients .

In Aweber you can convert your blog posts in to newsletter and you can send it your subscribers , Just you need to do is set the preferences like , to whom it should reach , when it should reach and which are those articles needs to be converted to newsletters .

Social preferences , you can stretch your hands on social media plateform like facebook and twitter , immediately u can send the link of your new newsletter once it is published.

Statistics, Once doing all these its very important to know weather over subscribers have opened the mail are not , how many of them have clicked the link , and is there an conversion happened from particular mail.

Pricing : first month of pricing will be $1 , from second month it will be $19.


Why These Software’s for Email Marketing.

We have got restriction on sending mails from our domain, approximately we can send 500 per day , if this limit is crossed , it may lead towards spamming our domain . this is the reason behind why we suggest third party software to do email marketing .


Basics to become email marketing expert

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Infinity Intellectuals – Best email acquisition strategies

Infinity Intellectuals has the idea of using emails in creating a tribe of consumers for your services or products has been proven to work and in fact, many businesses these days have really put extra efforts in email marketing. The foundation of email marketing all the same is a good and viable email list and in that case, the need to be averse with some of the most effective strategies in acquisition of email addresses is by all means well underscored. For many small businesses strategies that cost less and have maximum results will be highly recommended. Below are some of the widely used strategies that have since been proven to work well enough.

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